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H05VVC4V5-K 4G0,75

Flexible Maschinensteuerleitungen
300/500 V, GRAU RAL 7001

Cable Group: H05VVC4V5-K
Product group:Approbierte Maschinensteuerleitungen
Delivery Status:available
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outer sheath:PVC
Voltage:Uo/U: 300/500 V
Test voltage:3 kV
bending radius fixed:6 x d
bending radius flexing:12,5 x d
Temperature range fixed:-40 °C / +70 °C
Temperature range flexing:- 5 °C / +70 °C
Temperature range flexing:grau, RAL 7001

The fire behavior of the line H05VVC4V5-K 4G0,75 is selbstverlöschend und flammwidrig nach IEC 60332-1

In the technical information additional technical data can be found H05VVC4V5-K_4G0,75.pdf

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